An F1 car driver crashed into a wall at 140 mph, his car burst into flames immediately. He was able to walk away from that incident because of decades of work and innovation.

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2020 surprises us once again. When the Formula One racecars leapt off the Bahrain International Circuit’s starting line, it was all typical. Their oversized tires, spinning at unimaginable speeds, and that’s when disaster struck.

A very experienced driver, Romain Grosjean drifted to the side. During his drift, which was perfectly normal on its own, his whirring massive right rear and they bumped. That bump was enough.


The thing is, tomorrow is a fresh start, a new opportunity.

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There are many possibilities for you out there and a lot of people you can help. However, if your own self-resistance still beats you, and you didn’t have a breakthrough on that stuck project, the one project you already put so much into, you won’t be able to progress in your life and show up.

The situation today is more challenging than ever to work your way through, and your partners, clients, colleagues, or whoever needs you or your product aren’t going to have any benefit from it because…

Millennials vs Generation X — Different fans, and not in a bad way.

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A few days ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about our passion for sports, for certain teams and players, and how they influence us as fans, how as kids we grow to love them. The reason was mainly for the way they act on the football pitch/arena or basketball court. If they acted as leaders, carried the team, or played in an inspiring way, we wanted to be like them.

And if a player was fulfilling any of these three, he would get media time, appear in commercials and attract other publicity that will bring added…

Tesla’s plan (Just between you and me)

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Tesla shares rose almost 190% over the past year. Strong earnings and rising deliveries grew Tesla’s shares to a point that even Elon Musk himself commented.

But, the reason for the stock and the company’s success is not just because of those 2 reasons.

There is another reason why it’s happening, and it’s found right in the intersection of user experience and marketing.

Tesla as a brand is more than just a car manufacturer, it’s a vision of the future. The face of the brand for Tesla is the CEO himself, Elon Musk. There’s no way to separate Elon…

Self-driving cars

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In general, the auto industry and cars, in particular, haven’t been good for the environment. In a few years from now, self-driving cars will appear all around the globe. The trouble is that producing an electric self-driving car requires making a few trade-offs. The major problem is that electric vehicles have a limited range. The on-board sensors and computers of self-driving vehicles need a lot of energy, which isn’t great for the car’s range.

The trade-offs for autonomous electric vehicles aren’t as painful as once thought. Every industry needs to change sometimes. The auto industry has had and still has…

Sometimes we’re so obsessed with predicting the future that we do it all the time without notice. Not just easy to measure and reasonable efforts like sports betting or the stock market, but essential human interactions. In public health and engineering matters, the ability to have a good idea about our work’s results is urgent.

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We can try to get the full picture by asking two questions:

Do you usually succeed? It’s unlikely to be right every time, but do you typically exceed others’ decisions, or are you just been loud?

Do others know your method? It’s likely that the…

I finally started to do something I love.

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If you have seen any of my previous articles, you already know that I love cars. I’ve been procrastinating for years, and now I have finally found the way to start.

Sure, it’s nothing compared to one of the big Meetups, but it’s enough for now.

Jerry Seinfeld said that the key to creating something new like writing, podcasting, video, or any other creation is to treat yourself like a baby in an extremely loving and nurturing way, then switch over to Louis Gossett Jr. …

What do you think is more beneficial? Believing like you were right the first time or truly being correct now?

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We’re facing more than 20,000 thoughts on an average day, and so many of them are ending with the question, “Am I choosing the right answer?”

Actually, every day we second-guess our innovative estimate, staying inside our box and defending our sunken costs relentlessly.

Why are we doing this? Is it because our self-resistance is so strong that we can’t fight it anymore? Or maybe it’s because it’s so satisfying to feel that we were right all along?

Let’s presume…

How sports teams that have huge sports stars collapse so easily.

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So, when we are in a company of people who are talented and charismatic, people can find themselves in a highly toxic environment. Imagine a band when the guitar player tries to take all the attention from the lead singer.

What do you think will happen?

It’s also true in sports and businesses. When researchers look into bad environments in teams, they try to figure out what is missing, not eliminate the interpreting element. …

Matan Valdman

Marketing & Bizdev professional with a passion for innovation, sports, and human beings.

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